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London Riots

London England, a city filled with so much history is literally being looted and burned down to nothing. For about 4 days now people young and old have been taking to the streets of suburban London, breaking windows and looting of many businesses, setting cars and buildings on fire and countless muggings and robberies of the weak and innocent.

This all stemming from the police shooting and killing of 29yr old Mark Duggan of Tottenham, where the riots shortly began after protests and rallies looking for justice. Latest reports from the BBC are stating that there is no evidence that Mark Duggan opened fire at the police before being shot dead.

The police have little to no effect on disrupting all the looters and vandals from destroying London. It almost seems like they’re out numbered, scared even. What I would like to know is where are ALL of those police officers that were on call to make sure that The Royal Wedding went off with out any problems. Seems like thy’re no where to be found. Then you wonder why those rioting feel like they can’t be stopped and can do whatever they want. Many residents are clearly fed up with it all.

Hopefully this will come to an end soon, cause in a year from now the world will be watching London once again for the 2012 Olympics. One can only have faith that they can bounce back fast enough from this.

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