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EVENT: Studio 69/California Dream Reunion – Saturday November 24th @ Solarium

The 90`s Reunion we have been waiting for

Saturday November 24th, 2012

The Solarium – 11 Polson St
(The Docks)

DJ Carlos, Erica and Starting From Scratch are planning the long awaited Reunion from the 90`s

if you were partying in the 90`s you had to atend one of the two HOTTEST SPOTS from that era.

Music By:
Studio 69 and California Dreams
DJ Carlos & DJ Starting From Scratch
Da Voice Bobby D

Bathurst St MEETS Peter St

Memories will come back to life for one night. we are planning an evening to let all of us go back in time and bring back the vibes of two spots that will never be duplicated again. This is gonna be a Semi-Formal/Formal Event. 20 yrs later we all re-connect. CANT WAIT!

Tickets will be $20 in Advance
(so start getting your ticket count together)


Email Transfer: carlostwism@gmail.com

Nappy’s Hair Shoppe 905-948-0884

Nappy’s Hair Shoppe 905-761-9660

Nappy’s Hair Shoppe 905-949-6787

Shine Barbershop 905-790-3031

Play De Record 416-586-0380

System Music Warehouse 905-831-8408

brought to you by:
Carlos & Erica

Info on Bottle Service Booths call 416-829-6464
or visit www.CarlosPromo.com

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